Circuit of The Americas Experiences' Official Packages are delivered complete with your tickets, itinerary, directions, point of contact and many guides and maps to aid you on your event Experience!

Below are some commonly asked questions we receive from our clients prior to ticket package delivery. If you have a question about the event, please email us or call 866.801.6975.


Questions About Official Packages


What are the payment terms?


Convenient payment terms are available with the following Official Ticket Packages:

2015 Lone Star Le Mans

50% due at signing
50% due July 15, 2015

2015 MotoGP™ Austin

100% due at signing

2015 F1™ USGP

1/3 due at signing
1/3 due May 1, 2015
1/3 due September 1, 2015


What method of payment can I use to purchase a package?


Check, wire transfer or major credit card is accepted.
Additional charges may apply.


If I am picking my package up in Austin, where should I pick them up?


Circuit of The Americas Experiences' on-site office is to be determined.


When will I receive my tickets?


Tickets are sent approximately 3 weeks before the event via Ground delivery with other package components.


What if I would like information on ancillary services such as hotel accommodations?


Please contact a Circuit of The Americas Experiences Representative at  888.801.6975, we will assist with all the extras!


What are my transportation options if I purchase an Official Ticket Package through 
Circuit of The Americas Experiences?


1.  With hotel accommodations: the ground transportation to/from the track/hotel
     is included in the package.

     We will have Luxury Motor Coaches take you to the track in the morning and back in
     the evening. They will leave right from the hotel so you will not need to go to any
     other Park N Ride location. We will park the buses just behind the Main Grandstand.

2. Without hotel accommodations: you might want to consider
    purchasing transportation through Circuit of the Americas Experiences.

3. In-Circuit Track Shuttle: will circle the track throughout the day to take you to
    major turns around the Circuit. This is only available to Circuit of The Americas
    Experiences guests. 


What are my transportation options if I purchase a Paddock Club Ticket?


1. With hotel accommodations: If you purchased a Paddock Club hotel package
    then your ground transportation from the hotel to the Circuit is included daily.
2. Without hotel accommodations: Your tickets include one parking pass for
    every 3 Paddock Club tickets. 

General Questions


What time are the Races?


The race times for the 2015 Lone Star Le Mans2015 MotoGP™ Austin Grand Prix  and the F1™ USGP are to be determined. Sign up for our free newsletters to be notified when race times are released.


What happens if I lose my tickets?


Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced.


What time does the Circuit of The Americas™ Track open on race days?


Gates will open at different times each day. These times will be released soon. 


Is there a dress code?


Smart casual attire is recommended. 


Are pets allowed in the Circuit of The Americas™ Facility?


No pets will be allowed within the Facility.


Is Tailgating permitted with on-site parking if you have a parking pass?


Yes, Tailgating is permitted. Tailgating should not extend out of the sides or
behind the vehicle if it obstructs vehicle pathways or other parking spaces.

Venue Details


9201 Circuit of The Americas Blvd.
Austin, TX 78617



To help our Official Ticket holders pass quickly through security checkpoints during race weekends, we included fast access passes in your Official Ticket Packages. These passes will allow you to go through a dedicated entrance. To further prepare you, below is a list of prohibited items inside the gates of the Circuit.

The following items will not be permitted inside the gates of the Circuit:

  • Food and Beverage
    (Note: sealed, individual, plastic bottles of water are allowed)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Glass or metal containers of any style
  • Coolers, thermoses or ice chests
  • Bags or parcels larger than 12X12X20 inches
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, segways, golf carts or other unauthorized means of transportation
  • Animals
    (exception for certified service animals)
  • Non-collapsible chairs
  • Tents or canopies
  • Large, golf-type umbrellas
  • Illegal substances
  • Video cameras, audio recording devices and tripods; no video recording will be allowed
  • Items that may be deemed a safety hazard or annoyance to participants or guests (balls, Frisbees, balloons, projectiles, horns, radios, bells, whistles, musical instruments, laser pointers, etc.)
  • Fireworks, explosives or other incendiary devices
  • Weapons of any kind, including guns, knives, pepper spray, handcuffs, nightsticks or other items
  • Distribution of unauthorized promotional or commercial material

In addition to items specifically listed here, other items that may be deemed to present a potential hindrance or threat may also be prohibited.

The following items will be permitted inside the Circuit gates:

  • Blankets
  • Umbrellas (small, hand-held style)
  • Baby strollers
  • Portable, collapsible chairs
  • Detachable camera lenses of all sizes
  • Personal camera equipment (e.g. digital cameras, point-and-click digital cameras or film cameras)
  • Binoculars
  • Cell phones with photo & video capabilities 

NOTE: All bags, purses, backpacks and persons are subject to screening by security personnel. Fans entering Circuit of The Americas™ should prepare accordingly. There are no provisions for returning banned items when such items are left at the race entrances. Patrons are encouraged to leave all banned items before entering the venue. Individuals who deliberately attempt to bring banned items through security checkpoints are subject to removal from the facility.

Transportation to COTA

Parking at the Circuit and transportation are part of Circuit of The Americas Experiences packages that include accommodations. Parking at the Circuit and transportation may be added to other packages by contacting Circuit of The Americas Experiences at 866.801.6975. There will be no cash parking at the venue, and roads leading into The Circuit will be restricted to vehicles displaying assigned parking permits. Parking Access to the Race Track on event days is limited to Permit Holders only.

RV Parking

There are several RV Parks near the COTA track. For questions regarding the RV Parking slots for sale between Turns 11 and 12, on a long-term commitment basis, contact Circuit of The Americas™.

There are a limited number of Premium Trackside RV parking spots available. These spots will require the purchase of a multi-year license. For more information please contact our Premium Sales Department at 512-301-6600 and press 1 for Sales.


Bicycles may park at Richard Moya Park, located at 10001 Burleson Road, Austin, TX 78719. A complimentary shuttle will be provided from there to the track.


Motorcycle parking policies are being finalized.


Private landing strips are not available through Circuit of The Americas™. 


Walking to the facility from outside of the property will not be allowed. This is strictly for safety reasons and pedestrians will not be given access to the track.

Off-Site Parking

The new Park + Ride lots are located along FM 973 and FM 812, approximately three miles from the track. Patrons may park their vehicles in these lots and ride free shuttle buses to COTA each day of the three-day event (Oct 23-25, 2015). Park + Ride passes cost $20 per vehicle for a three-day pass or $10 per vehicle if you buy each day individually. COTA will accept cash only at the Park + Ride lots.

  • FM 973 Park + Ride (RED LOT): Intersection of FM 973 and Burleson Rd.
  • FM 812 Park + Ride (YELLOW LOT): 9605 FM 812 (one-eighth mile east of The Crown Center) 

Handicap Parking

Parking for people with disabilities: Premium Seating ticket holders will have access to on-site handicap parking. For General Admission and Grandstand Bleacher ticket holders, there will be handicap parking at both shuttle locations. Your normal, state-issued parking placard will allow you to park in these spaces.

All shuttles are ADA compliant and can accommodate motor scooters. Once the shuttles arrive at the track, COTA will provide transportation to the main entrance for people with disabilities.

For additional questions, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.